Tips for Attending an Indian Wedding

Weddings are an occasion wherein people come together to celebrate the love with which two individuals are getting bonded into one. Especially in Indian Weddings, your good and charming looks does matter a lot. Go through the below-given tips for attending an Indian Wedding and never make a mistake that makes you feel embarrassed.

#1. Dress Properly

Indian traditional weddings generally do not have any specific dress code for their guests. People come to the wedding with their raw dressing sense. Utilizing your raw dressing sense becomes a most important part of attending an Indian wedding.

The normal dress code for men in the wedding is a Sherwani or a Suit. For ladies, it is a traditional saree. It is perfectly fine if you select something else than this but it should look good. Try to select the bright and attractive colors as they are always appreciated in an Indian wedding.

#2. Stay Prepared for the Strange Hours of Wedding

The Indian wedding timings are decided on the basis of astrology. The astrologer checks out the proper timing that suits the bride and the groom’s birth timings and birth place. The general timing, especially in North Indian wedding, is 2 or 3 am. Get the confirmation about the timings, before you go to any weddings, so that if the timings are odd you can get a sound sleep a day before the wedding.

#3. Plan for a Long Wedding

A traditional Indian wedding is a long ritual. It lasts for a minimum of 3 days and sometimes even a week. This includes the pre-wedding rituals as well as post wedding rituals. There are a lot of functions that you may need to attend. So try to get all the details about the schedule and plan your travel and stay accordingly.

#4. Have some Knowledge about the Customs

A traditional Indian wedding will have uncountable rituals to be followed. There are a lot of pre-wedding rituals like Mehendi or Sangeet, the main wedding ceremony and the post wedding rituals too. So have knowledge of all these rituals and you will enjoy more..! Having knowledge of these rituals will also make it easy for you to interact with all the guests present and this will creative a positive impression of yours.

#5. Get Involved in the Ceremonies
Indian weddings have a lot of rituals and all these rituals have a very significant meaning behind them. They may require the involvement of guests and relatives, so always get on the wedding mandap and get involved in the ceremonies whenever required or asked to do so. This will show your respect and love towards the couple getting engaged.

#6. Enjoy the Feast

Taking the feast in the wedding ceremony is a significant sign that you are there to bless the couple and give them the best wishes. According to the Indian tradition, ‘A Guest is a God’ and thus, Indian people take care of guests very well. Serving food to the guests in the wedding has now become an unavoidable part of the ceremony.

So enjoy the food and taste various new varieties of food, you may like some of them so much, that you will never forget the taste. However the food time is the best time to get social and you can interact with your friends and relatives.

#7. The Traditional Wedding Gift: Money

Handing over an envelope of money to the bride and groom is considered the best way to give them blessings and best wishes for their future. In India we have a tradition of giving an amount ending with one like 51, 101, 151, 501, etc. The last one rupee is considered as fortune and good wishes to the couple. The amount totally depends on how close you are to the bride or groom.

#8. Check before Taking Pictures

In few of the rituals of the Indian wedding, you are not allowed to take the photographs. So make sure that you click a picture at a proper time and not to disturb the wedding ceremony. Also, take care that you are not putting your head in between while someone is taking pictures from the back. Always see to it that you are not a hindrance to others while you take the snaps.

#9. Book a proper Hotel at the right time

Generally, the family of the bride or the groom takes care of the accommodation of their guests. If it is not so, try to book a hotel beforehand so that you will not get stuck due to the price hikes. Also, try that you get a proper room over there and it is near the wedding venue so that your stay would be hassle free.

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