Emcee VJ Thamizharasan

I’m Thamizharasan Karunakaran called in short as “R K Thamizh”. I’m a Psychologist by qualification, an Anchor/Actor/ Stage EmCee by passion and profession. I started my career as a Tool and Die Maker and then worked for a few BPOs and Call Centres as Customer Service Representative and Process Trainer. I quit all those fields to Chase my Passion. My passion has always been into Media and Training. My core value is “Connecting with people” and I make sure any work I do connects me with people. Becoming an anchor/actor has been my long time dream and I’m proud now that I have made my small screen presence. I worked as a Freelance actor in Puthuyugam TV Channel and as a Fulltime Anchor and Show Producer in I-TV (Interactive TV). Now I’m looking forward to serving as an Actor in Big Screen and my next goal would be to achieve the title “An EXCELLENT Performer“. I’m sure I’ll achieve that soon with my efforts and with your support (along with divine’s grace). Also talking has been my hobby since childhood and I always wanted to connect with people. Hence I enjoy hosting live events as it gives me a platform to interact and connect with live audience. I host events starting from as small as a birthday party to as big as a corporate event. My hobbies are reading, browsing, traveling, playing with kids, body building, watching fish swimming inside the fish tank, thinking, chess, shuttle badminton. I stay with my parents at A B C Avenue, Thiruvottiyur (Chennai 600019). My father Mr R Karunakaran is a Lawyer and my mother Mrs R K Malliga is a Homemaker. I have 3 elder brothers and two of them are married and stay with their families. My family Picture I would like to thank my Parents, my brothers, my relatives, my friend Dinesh Babu and my Mentor / Coach Dr Maharaja SivaSubramanian N who were always a support for me in any of my endeavors. My special thanks to Miss Monisha and Mr Manoj who groomed me as an anchor and who helped me to kick start my media career. Also my thanks to my spiritual teachers Mrs Rafiya and Mrs Rajanisree. I always believe that the good thing in the world is to be happy, the better thing would be me being the reason for other’s happiness and the best way to do it is being a performer.