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Hi Guys, I am writing a detailed feedback about AISHA PHOTOGRAPHY as i am there customer and would like to share my experience with everyone, My feedback is solely my views and its for the reference of people. I hired AISHA PHOTOGRAPHY for my Big day, the communication started on a very good note from Mr. Anand making a family relation and in a very short time turning to be my sister with a promise that i will do my best on your wedding as i feel you are just like my brother, Whereas on the other hand Mr. Anand told me that the company was started under my daughter name so money matters comes the last because the name of my daughter is involved. As a stupid Indian emotional customer i got in the their trap. They promised me pre wedding shoot, candid Photography, Traditional photography etc etc etc……and the list of promises were never ending and on that note i had given them 50% advance payment. Day 1 Finally The day arrived as a Groom i was busy with different ceremonies at my place, Aisha photography Team arrived at delhi airport let me be a bit more clear team means 4 people and Mr. Anand call me, I thought the call was to inform me that we have landed at delhi and we are excited to cover your event as Mr. Anand wife calls me her brother, But surprisingly he called and asked me that you have to pay me the taxi fare from Airport to the hotel and i told them that the planning of transport was from your hotel to my event places and we had a bit of an argument which spoiled my day of Mehndi ceremony. Day 2 Today they were suppose to cover my cocktail function first day of face to face conversation with them, I met them at my Event place and as per their big big promises i was expecting a good setup from their end and i got to know that they arrived at delhi with just 3 DSLR CAMERAS ya just three DSLR’s not even the lighting equipment there goes my day two anyhow that was just the starting, As everyone know that a function doesn’t have a start or an end timing but let me be very clear they are very particular about their timings. My function was going on at around 2330 hrs Mr. Anand approached me and said we are done for the day and we are leaving i said guys i need to click pictures with my friends and family who all are currently enjoying the function you cant do this to me, Mr. Anand was very stubborn and said sorry we cant stay that late night we have to leave. I had to pull my friends and family from the dance floor to click pictures with me as AISHA PHOTOGRAPHY time was over, Imagine being the groom running for all these things in my own function feel like killing them but at that time i was left with no other options. Day 3 On day third my wedding was scheduled and as some rituals were performed before leaving the house, we have to delay all those rituals by 0130hrs because TEAM AISHA PHOTOGRAPHY didn’t reach on time, As an armature photographer they were just clicking pictures everywhere and not even aware who all are the family members and what are the important rituals to click for eg Shera bhandi i dont even have one nice pic with all my sisters putting sehra on me, Second eg when your sister pass the lentil to the horse that is also one important ritual to cover not a single picture. Now we move on to the wedding event place over their they were suppose to cover MILINI CEREMONY where the family exchange greetings no proper coverage at all. AFTER the marriage when i came back home with the bride their are other ceremony to be covered but Mrs. Anand was in a hurry to leave and was asking me to pay the balance amount. I told them first you cover up this ceremony then only i will pay you, So they stayed back and covered it. My biggest mistake was handing over the full amount to them because i didn’t want to get into any kind of arguments with all my relative around. Finally after a month he posted some pictures of mine on F.B and as a customer i relayed my feedback on pictures as i was not completely satisfied, Mr. Anand was not ready to take any criticism and got into a major argument with me at that time i thought not to get into any kind of argument as i had already paid them the amount and by getting into an argument is like digging a hole into my own boat, i apologized to them by saying it was just my view nothing wrong with your work. Now i finally got my album after 7 months of my Marriage. They promised me a post wedding shoot as we didn’t took a pre wedding shoot now this gentlemen didn’t have a time and always says my schedule is very busy we will plan it at a later stage. I got the delivery of my pictures after 7 months of my marriage and not what was promised videos were promised for 0130hrs had given me only 38mins and the flaws are countless for any further clarification you can call me on 9811100084. I AM SHARING THIS FEEDBACK BECAUSE THE SUFFERING I HAD GONE THROUGH AND MISSED THE PRECIOUS MOMENTS OF MY LIFE BECAUSE OF THESE AMATEUR PEOPLE I DIDN’T WANT THIS TO HAPPEN WITH ANY ONE ELSE. ****ITS SOLELY MY PERSONAL VIEWS AND ITS ISSUED IN PUBLIC INTEREST****