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Firstly, don’t be fooled by me! I was a corporate jockey for a long time. So I can walk the walk and talk the talk. And I am a thorough professional. But that is where the similarity ends! From my early childhood, I knew there was something strange about me. I always saw the world and its people, as a sort of storyboard where everyone was living their own private drama. This meant that I could never take corporate life as seriously as expected, because of this constant sense that things were unreal. People fascinated me but traditional definitions of society did not. I was heading towards a cynical disconnect with the world. Then something magical happened.


I met the woman of my dreams. Our relationship helped me understand that emotions are the bedrock of human life. And that all human lives are made up of the tiny moments of joy and sadness that we treasure forever. I started motorcycling across India, and it opened my eyes to how much lay beyond the limits of our vision. Then photography happened, and I realized that I was good at it, because I saw the world as a series of magical frames anyway. And I knew instinctively that this was the profession I was destined for.


My photography is a near perfect representation of my state of mind and its interpretation of the world around me. I tell stories with my camera.Each photo represents a unique moment suspended in time, capturing emotions, telling an entire story through a frame. Uniquely as I see it. I do a lot of regular commercial work. But perhaps this is why a lot of my work has been to do with weddings and kids. Weddings are a time of heightened emotions, a time when when unique moments present themselves plentifully to the discerning photographer. And children are just a joy in front of the camera because they emote so freely and uninhibitedly.


Aside from the commercial front, I also work on several personal assignments which explore genre’s outside my normal space. Much of it is around social causes, sports, digital media or even my Project 365.


So if you are willing to stand apart from the crowd, and capture some special moments as a part of the human drama called life, do call me. But before you do that, perhaps you should go through my gallery to be certain you like my kind of work. Not everyone does. But then, are you everyone?

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