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K.P. Jewellery & Gems

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For more than four decades, K.P. Jewellery & Gems has been in the business of selling gold, diamond, and precious gems. This renowned Chennai-based jewellery house has carved a niche for itself as being the one stocking the finest selection of the World’s most elegant jewellery and mystical gems crafted by some of the world’s distinguished designers. Apart from making steady progress in gems and jewellery in the domestic market, the company is also making waves in Exports as well. Infact, KPJ enjoys the status of being the most preferred destination for quality gems and Jewellery for some of the most renowned International Jewellery merchants and trading houses worldwide.


Sixteen years ago, KPJ was founded under the honorary leadership of our Chairman Mr. N. Baskar. With over 48 years of experience in the field, Mr. Baskar’s vision to establish an organization with lucky & precious gems and gold jewellery finally materialized. Today, the organization is being run successfully under the management of Mr. Mani Kumar and Mr. Sathish Kumar.


Exact and accurate matching and prediction of gems is a way of life at KPJ. Apart from a strong management team, KPJ has a dedicated team of family members who understand the customer’s requirement. Our gems are served with pious and good beliefs. Our gems are procured directly after a process of mining. Each gem then passes through a scientific test in the laboratory for its quality and uniqueness. A gemologist closely inspects the gems and handpicks those without any doshams. Only then do the gems reach our showroom.


With wide variety of collections, spacious shopping area, highly experienced expert astrologers and highly service-minded staff, KPJ is indeed the most sought after jewellery showroom. KPJ serves best in all South Indian languages. KPJ’s presence can be widely felt in the Print and Television mediums as well.


Let’s face it, we live in a competitive world, and here success comes the hard way. Some people might stand by our side all along, and few others might turn jealous and greedy of us. But, if you wish to achieve continuous success in life without the influence of negative forces and energies, visit KPJ for your lucky gems today!


We have a dedicated team of our K.P.J’s family members to know the better understanding of the customer’s requirement and exact and accurate matching of their Gems will be served with pious and good believe.We have huge stock, wide variety of collections, spacious shopping area, Expert astrologers, highly service minded good staffs are the unique features of K.P.J to sustain in the market.


Luckiness invites, in life there are some important facts which K.P.J shares with you. Our life is surrounded by competition, jealous, greedy where winning is difficult. Towards success there are many hurdles and even if we are trying to succeed, some will appreciate and many will depreciate whereby to maintain a constant successes visit K.P.J for your lucky gems.

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