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Picture a world of sprawling gardens brimming with flowers and glistening ponds tucked away in the middle of a bustling metropolis. At Shiva Parvathi Pushpa Gardens, 14 acres of lush landscape is your escape from the crowds and your entry into serenity. Located 3 kilometres away from Anna Nagar, come find your tranquillity in a space that will soothe and inspire you. Walk through looming arches and take a deep breath of fresh, pristine air. Welcome home.


In a century where skyscrapers are replacing trees, forests being razed to the ground, and where water grows scarcer, it’s hard to find an authentically, untouched natural environment. Shiva Parvathi Pushpa Gardens takes pride in being one of the few eco-friendly and environmentally consciousness safe holds in the city, along with its diverse array of flora and fauna.


Traffic is fun for no one and an inescapable part of living the urban life. This, however, is your long awaited chance to wave goodbye to rush hour lines and long, cramped car rides. Conveniently located near one of the city’s most developed and upcoming hubs, Anna Nagar, the gardens are a quick and easy trip away and accessible by all methods of transport.


Definitive and important things are known to have happened in gardens, biblically and otherwise. Take Sir Isaac Newton and the apple we have to thank for discovering gravity. Come find your innovative and creative side as you transform an empty canvas into the stuff of dreams. Weave magic with us as we help you turn an empty expanse into anything you want, a film set or the perfect bridal stage.

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Heaven in Chennai
Good place to spend your day.  Suits for grand marriage.
5:07 pm October 14, 2015

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