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Studio Vaibhava

  • 1995

Photography, Photographs, Videography, Videos and more videos and even more photographs is all about us. We believe in living moments, in making each one of them as special for you as your unspoken self felt it to be. Moments are spontaneous and when frozen in time have the capacity of evoking the same beautiful memories that linger around you. The human photographic mind associates events with pictures that we revisit time and again.

Photography is an art that is mastered with experience, when one starts to play with speed and light. We at Studio Vaibhava have mastered this art for 16+ years with an extremely competent team. We hire trained photographers so that they can make you live your dreams. We know the happiness quotient each instant holds and we are well acquainted with expanding it further.

Quality is what defines us, and it shines in our efforts. It is visible right from the time we lay the surroundings for the photography to the time you enjoy the printed version. Our team is well equipped for all kinds of photography. Posed photography has been completely revamped with candid photography. Instead of making the subject smile in front of the camera, the camera prefers to search for smiling faces; and let us assure you, our cameras are well versed at this! Not a smiling face goes by unnoticed and uncaptured! Candid photography is a genre we excel at as we embark upon our well trained photographers.

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