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VGP Golden Beach Resort

  • 1973

Looking to tie the knot this season? Choose the perfect spot for your special day in Chennai. With its surreal sea-scape there are a great many wedding destinations in Chennai for you to choose from. It all depends on what you’re willing to pick from this exciting buffet of wedding destinations. Whether you are looking for a simple ceremony or a lavish one, an elegant wedding or a fancy gala, the city has got it all. All you have to do is decide the date and choose the place.


These wedding destinations have the super magical power of turning your dreams into a fabulous reality. From the moment you decide on the place till the final touch, your chosen destination will have a group of well- trained professionals looking after it all. So be it the decoration, the food, accosting of guests, ushering, entertaining, all of these will be taken care of by the team of experts you choose to rely on.


VGP Golden Beach in Chennai offers a grand exhibit of their professionalism in all matters related to event organization. So, why not for a wedding? The resort can house aupto 800 people for an event and a minimum of 30. If the season favours, your wedding date you could even go in for an outdoor wedding. In either case, it will be taken care of by the management. The resort has its own catering staff but if you wish to choose from among a third party, you could do that as well. That gives you complete relaxation of catering prowess and you can choose who so ever you wish according to your convenience. There is no prohibition on the serving of liquor and alcohol is permitted to be served during the various occasions legally. Apart from booking a third party for caterers, you can also choose to do the same in the case of decorators. There is no bar on that either. With the number of guests coming and attending your wedding, the resort also arranges for car and bus rental services.


Weddings call for fun and enjoyment and VGP Golden Beach does just that. If it’s a party you’re planning, you can always ask for DJ and live music and dance to the rhythm of their beat. If you’re looking for a more classy get-together and decide to stick to a cocktail party instead, arrangements can be made for that as well. At the end of your wedding, if you want to celebrate the union of your lives, the resort makes arrangements for fire crackers to mark the start of your brand new journey.


So, if you’re looking to tie the knot by the sea with the most incredibly arranged wedding you can possibly think of, then you know which destination to book for your special day. All you have to do is call and check the availability and the rest will go on as per your plan and ideas.

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