DO’s and DON’Ts while planning a wedding.

The most enjoyable part of a wedding is it’s planning, getting together with your family and friends and deciding what all fun you are to do, on your big day..! Wedding is not just a celebration but it is a full packed event with love, joy, bonding and blessings and to make this auspicious day a memorable one here is a guide on Do’s and Don’ts while planning a wedding..!

#1. Do not rush in the beginning

The excitement and the joy may drive you crazy and you may start everything with a disaster..! It makes no sense to rush and complete everything in an unwanted manner. So, plan out everything with taking utmost care that you do not miss out anything in your planning. Jot down every single detail that you have in your mind and prioritize the works according to their necessities and the type of work. Rushing to a shopping mall directly is not appreciable instead a properly organized shopping would help you shop effectively and with lots of fun..!

#2. Take Help..!

The biggest mistake that you could make in wedding planning is to overburden yourself with the work and with this burden you would not be enjoying the celebration. Plan out everything properly and then distribute the work among your friends and family members. There are a lot of things to be taken care of like inviting the guests, banquet hall, food, shopping, gifts, decorations, accommodation and a lot more. So without any hesitation distribute the work and this is why we call it a family function where everyone irrespective of their age or gender gives their best to make it the most enjoyable day..!

#3. Budget Planning

A wedding brings in a lot of expenses and few expenses are such that you even won’t have imagined of them. So sit with your family and plan out everything properly, it is always suggested that you concern your elders for the wedding planning who are aware of all these rituals and expenses. A poorly planned budget would create a chaos at the end, like you won’t have enough budgets and there are a lot of plans to be implemented..! So stay careful and plan accordingly so that you won’t go bankrupt…

#4. Select a proper venue

The venue may not be always of your choice..! You may want to enjoy your big day at a place, which may not be convenient for your relatives and friends. You need to see that whether the venue you are selecting is practically feasible or not and also look for a convenient transportation and accommodation.

#5. Take care while you shop..!

Having an extra piece of dress for your wedding sounds to be a good wish, but this will also add on to your budget. As mentioned, there are a lot of things in a wedding that will certainly add on to your budget, so plan properly and then go on shopping. The best way to shop more on a low budget is to look online for the discounts on various designer dresses and if you are lucky you may get huge discounts..!

#6. Look before you leap

Think about the consequences before you decide! There would be a lot of things that you need to decide on a fast pace, but do not rush out. It may be selecting a banquet hall or food or accommodation for you guests, think twice before you take up a final decision. A wrong decision may prove to be very heavy on your budget and the wedding as well.

#7. Cater the needs of your guests

Guests are the most important part of an Indian wedding and catering their needs is above all. See to it that you arrange proper accommodation and transportation facilities for your guests. Plan out small things like what if children are hungry, how would the guests reach to hotel or your wedding venue, what if the ladies need a beauty parlor..? These are very small things but utmost important to take care of..! It is advisable to make a list of all such small problems and distribute the work to your friends and family to look after it.

#8. Plan out timings well

There are a lot of functions and rituals to be followed and the ‘Muhurat’ i.e. the auspicious time has to be maintained at any cost in an Indian wedding. Take care so that there are no long gaps between two functions of a wedding and also you need to plan out the timings for the groom and the bride to get dressed up..! Making your guests wait is never advisable. While planning the timings see to it that your guests get the food at the correct time! (Of course for guests food is an important part of wedding..! 🙂

#9. Plan for extras

What if your uncle’s cousin and his family pay them a visit when they are supposed to leave for your wedding..? They may also join them to your wedding and you would be the one who have to invite them with a smile on your face. This way there could be a lot of additions to the guests list, so do a proper approximation and then order the dishes and seats. See to it that it should neither be too less or in abundance..!

#10. Forget None

If you forget to invite one of your relatives to your wedding, it means you are gone..! Prepare a well-planned list of your relatives and friends whom you want to invite to be a part of your big day. Get your relative’s list confirmed by few other family members as well so that you will not miss out anyone. You need to decide whether you want to invite a single person or with the whole family, see to it that you do not mess up inviting a single person who is very close to you and also have your eyeballs on your budget as well..!



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