Guide to Choosing Indian Wedding Invitations

A wedding is a big day for any individual. We try making it memorable with all our efforts that we can. While here comes the Invitation for your wedding.

In Indian tradition of marriages, everything starts with an invitation. As it is the start of your wedding ceremonies, it has to be awesome. The prejudice that the guests and other people make about your wedding starts with the invitation card you send them. The invitation card for the wedding gives an overall idea to your guests about what all fun they are to have in your wedding.

#1. Make Sure It Matches With Your Culture

As you are inviting your relatives to your wedding, the invitation card should be according to the culture of your family. This would please the relatives and especially the elderly people. Do not go for very funky designs; instead, select a good creative design for your wedding invitation card.

#2. Invitation Should Match Your Theme

While you select an invitation card it is always suggested that you decide the wedding theme prior to selection of invitation card. The colors should match your theme of decoration. Also, if you are planning for a particular dress code, mention it specifically and very clearly so that your guest would not feel embarrassed on your wedding day.

#3. Mention Proper Details

Invitation card should be a properly drafted with short texts but you need to take care, that you accommodate all the information which your guests may require. Include the venue details and add a landmark that is very near to your venue. Mention the schedule with the proper details, so that your guests can do the arrangements accordingly.


– As mentioned, you need to take care of the family culture as well as your wedding theme before selecting the wedding card.
– Use the language which is comfortable to most of your relatives and other guests you are inviting. If you are to invite all your relatives as well as your colleagues and your friends, it is suggested that you select two different cards.
– Use proper fonts for mentioning the details. Very small fonts may not look good on your wedding invitation; instead, go for readable and spacious fonts.
– Get your card reviewed by multiple people, so that there are no mistakes.

– Do not try to exaggerate the design in a manner that spoils the looks of your card.
– Do not fill it with extra and unnecessary details.
– The size of the card should not be extra – large or too small, that it becomes difficult to handle or difficult to read.

In this way get your wedding invitation designed with the utmost care as it is the first thing your guests will notice. As it is said, in India the wedding invitation shows the status of the family in the society. So take care that you select a perfect invitation which is pleasing to you as well as to your guests.

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