5 Easy Ways to Keep Guests Comfortable on Your Big Day

Guests are one of the most important aspects of a Happy Wedding. If your guests are happy, your wedding day would be a memorable one. People gather in a wedding to celebrate the joy, the happiness and the love with which the two souls are to be immersed into one.

Taking care of your guests includes very minute details, starting from the invitation you send till they reach back to their place safely. The way you send them an invitation matters a lot building a perspective in the guest’s mind about your wedding day. Inviting them personally may be by visiting their place or by a phone call will give an extra impact.

#1. A Warm Welcome Makes Up Their Day.

When they are to leave for the wedding venue make sure that they have no difficulty reaching or finding the place. Giving them proper venue location is a must. The better option is to arrange a car transport for the guests arriving by public transportation. This shows your care and respect for them.

While they enter the venue, treating them with a rose is not enough; welcome them personally on the gate itself. Bring them in and ask them for water, juice or snacks. Introduce them to other guests in your wedding with whom, they feel comfortable. Start a talk in which they both are interested in rapport building.

#2. Guests Must Enjoy..!

The Guests are there to enjoy and you should make sure that you provide a proper arrangement for their enjoyment. The most critical part here is to arrange something where the children could be kept engaged. You may arrange some small rides for them or may be a puppet show.

A very new trendy style to keep your guests engaged where they can make fun and memories is a photo booth. Arrange a very stylish and funky place may be with some funny tags available there, for a photo shoot. If possible arrange a professional photographer who can click all those moments for your guests.

#3. A Good Food Is What Your Guests Are Looking For.

The major attraction of any wedding is the food you serve. A good food makes a good day..! Take care of the season and the weather on your wedding day to serve proper food.

The food should be according to the region your wedding is, serving the regional food as well as some other dishes will add a cherry to the cake. Add some multi-cushion food which can make your guests as happy as nothing else can.

#4. Give Your Guest A Proper Place to Stay

If it happens that your guests are staying at your place for the wedding, providing them proper hospitality and a good place will play a vital role in making them happy. Arrange a good hotel for their stay and giving them a personal attention like whether they ate food or not, is there anything they require, etc. would show up that you really care for them.

#5. Make Sure They Reach Home Safely

After the wedding is over and while they are moving back to their places, see to it that they face no difficulty with the transportation. If you are not providing them the transportation makes sure that you provide proper information about the public transport.

While they are moving back, hand over food packets to them so they can serve themselves while on the go. These are very little things which affect the guests a lot and are considered as a perfect hospitality..!!

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