How to Plan Your Wedding Reception Layout



No matter where you hold your wedding reception—a country club, modern art gallery, tent on the beach or in a garden, or in a rustic barn or lodge—there are a few key elements that will most likely be present. You’ll undoubtedly have tables for all of your guests and there will also most likely be a dance floor, or at the very least an open space where all of your favorite people can mingle. And let us not forget a bar and area for your band or DJ to get jamming. With all of these variables present, you’ll need to figure out an ideal layout. What if certain relatives don’t get along? Should you sit among your guests or at a separate head table? Should people sit next to the music, or will it get too loud? To avoid any reception layout snafus, we’ve mapped our ideal reception layout that will keep the party flowing. See above, and read these must-know tips, below!

To ensure no one has a bad seat, arrange tables in a U shape around the dance floor, with the newlyweds in the center.

Place family members near the head table. It will make them feel special, and elderly relatives will be farther from the music.

Put the bar near the dance floor, next to the band. (Ideally, have one bar for every 100 guests.) If there’s room, set up cocktail tables by the bar for mingling.

Position the band or DJ against the rear wall, opposite from the entrance.


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